Please Make Me a Black Circular Logo

louisvillesluggerCame across the Louisville Slugger twitter account the other day and it rang a bell …

… looked similar to the logo of a music publishing company I follow, Super Ego Records.


Oddly enough, as I was leaving my basement office an hour later I noticed one of the boxes I had nearby, storing stuff, had a similar logo — a Jack Daniels box that I picked up from a liquor store.

jackdanThe white-lettering-in-black-oval-with-white-outline logo was probably coined in the 1930’s or before — so it is probably public domain; plus the fonts are a little different, I think. But it would be interesting to market all three together at a college baseball tournament music festival.


The Obscure Louieville Slugger Multi-Purpose Club — Only 1 in Existence

When I was a kid, I got a Swiss Army Knife as a birthday present. I was 11 or 12 years old and just getting into baseball (Yankees fan). I put it to use and whittled out a baseball bat — searched the nearby woods while I was upstate NY for a big long branch from a tree, and whittled it out. It was almost straight. I put some black electric tape at the handle, and inscribed my name as logo — my name is Lou (or Louie) and so my bat became a Louieville Slugger.

In the mid seventies there was a lot of crime in NYC; I figured my baseball bat could have a dual use as a MULTI-PURPOSE CLUB. Thus I inscribed this as the bat’s motto, under the logo — kind of instructions too in one fell swoop. I shelacked it up. I think my friends were kind of in awe of this bat — slightly curved, heavy, the prospect of hitting the ball a long way with it, and the fact I’d spent an entire summer whittling out a baseball bat seemed obscure. It was an obscure bat, right in the middle of daylight.


My bat is in the middle in the picture above — showing its slight curvededness and size vs regular, store-bought Louisville Slugger of recent vintage. Alongside my $35 Wilson baseball glove which by the way smells real-leather good (I think it is real leather) — just as fine a smell as the $350 professional real leather gloves Wilson is putting out; and soft too.

Here’s a closeup: note that I coined the MADE IN NEW YORK motto 30 years before it became popular in 2013-15. Kinda proud of that. Also this was bat 00001; I personally signed it.


It was a little heavy; I vaguely remember weighing it once and it was 55 ounces or so. I used to bring that bat down to the schoolyard in Staten Island where we’d play softball for hours every day in the summers when we were teenagers, on a large cement field. Bat took a beating but it could hit the ball a long way. In reality, not much farther than other bats though — since your swing speed would be lessened because of the 55 ounce weight of the Louieville Slugger multi-purpose club.

That’s all I have to say about my bat and black circular logos. Put myself in the mood to play some softball see you later.

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