Twitter Gets Killed in 2Q2015 Earnings Call on Periscope

Twitter stock was up 5.3 percent today in anticipation of their after-hours 2Q2015 earnings call — and then after hours it was initially up over 6 percent as they announced they had beat earnings top and bottom. And then.. as they were doing the live earnings call, streaming on Periscope, the acting CEO said that user growth was not going to be good any time soon — the bottom dropped out of their stock in after hours — a wild swing from up 6 percent to down over 12 percent before leveling at down 10.5 percent. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


As these guys were talking on the Periscope stream, answering questions, the stock was falling, falling, falling. They may have been watching it as they talked.

Most People Don’t Participate

Learned 10 years ago that most people — 97 percent — don’t participate in online communities. Was on bulletin boards for several music artists. The artist might do 50 shows a year with at least 100,000 people seeing them live each year — and the bulletin board would have maybe 10 regular posters, and a wider community of 35-40 irregular posters.

Most people don’t have a clue what to tweet — it is only a very small percentage of people — probably 3 percent the same amount that survive an atomic bomb — that tweet (and less who are good at tweeting).

Twitter is THE Place Where..

Yet Twitter is THE place to search for current information. (If I want to find out what’s going on right now I search Twitter not Google or Facebook.) Facebook is the place to have conversation with people you know; Twitter is THE place to have a conversation with people you haven’t met yet. It is THE place to get reach on what you’re trying to say/sell.

Best time on the internet I’ve had in 15 years was first 3 days of recent NBA free agency on Twitter; was like a big party. In addition I had a 45-minute drag-down cat fight with Frank Isola of NY Daily News in PM’s you don’t get that anywhere else.

Periscope This

Twitter needs to monetize Periscope. If it’s not monetized what’s the point, pure vanity? If I am going to periscope something to gain followers I want it to be recorded (and monetized) — but periscopes last a day and are gone — if that — long periscopes (over 5 min) don’t upload well; get lost.

Right now Periscope has a lot of technical issues (try to search on something the App closes, almost every time).

PS: today tried to log in to Forbes to post a comment and I had option of logging in with my Facebook account (my fake Facebook account of course or one of my groups) or my Twitter account !

This is a big deal for Twitter — Facebook’s current traffic is probably largely due to app that allows you to login/make comments at bottom of blog posts throughout internet (ESPN, etc).

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