Amazon’s Dogs




azon Prime Day today. Heard that there were good sales on microphones. So I went up and typed in “Blue Microphone” and — could not get any microphones to come up in the search. Other terms — such as “Microphone” and “Toy Car” worked. But “Blue Microphone” brought up a white page, then a flash of a couple of search findings — including a Blue Microphone — but before you could click on it — you got Amazon’s Dogs.

So here are Amazon’s Dogs: Bailey, Barkley, Emma, Barney, Biscuit, Browser, Butters, Marge, Cannoli, Miss Chief, Clancy, Corbin, Duke, Frank, Hunter, Jaja, Jax, Kodak, Lola, Lucy, Mae, Meela, Oliver, Peek, Phoebe, Ranger, Remi, Robin, Rocket, Roro, Rufus, Ruppert, Shadow, Sheriff, Soju, Tanq, and Waffles.

amazonbailey amazonbarkley amazonbarkleyandemma amazonbarney amazonbiscut amazonbrowserdog amazonbuttersandmarge amazoncannoli amazonchief amazonclancy amazoncorbin amazonduke amazonfrank amazonhunter amazonjaja amazonjax




amazonlucy amazonmae amazonmeela amazonoliver (2) amazonpeek amazonphoebe amazonrangerandremi amazonrobin (2) amazonrocket amazonroro (2) amazonrufus2 amazonruppert amazonshadow amazonsherriff




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